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Making the world a more sustainable place, one grape at a time.
For the environment

As climate change intensifies, wineries confront challenges like drought, extreme heat, mildew, and shifting terroir, causing significant damage.
CO2 emissions and landfill waste exacerbate these issues.
Partner with us for a 93.5 kg/ton reduction in CO2 and an upcycling rate of over 93.25%, taking a proactive step in addressing these pressing environmental concerns.

For your own good

In a saturated market that demands constant creativity, dare to challenge yourself.
Join our Green Decanting Winery Campaign, where we consistently explore fresh perspectives on repurposing your grape marc.

Partner's benefits
Repurposing your Grape Marc

Provides sustainable and innovative solutions for upcycling your grape marc into new, high-quality products.

New Market

Opportunity to boost your sales and connections in South Korea with our assistance.

Promotional Gift

Your grape marc transforms into premium Korean products, will be sent to you as tokens of our gratitude—ideal for gifts, promotions, or personal use.

Green Decanting Winery Label

Join our Green Decanting Winery Campaign, certifying eco-friendly partnerships and promoting sustainability through the upcycling of grape marc.

Grape Marc Supply

Ability to provide us with your grape marc, preferably the marc of the emblematic wines of your region.

Marketing Collaboration

Authorization for use as marketing content on our website and social pages.

Sourcing Process, all costs covered by us.
1. Schedule Sourcing
Let us know the preferred time and date for Grape Marc Sourcing, and we will adjust to your preference.
2. Packaging
We will provide and send 220L/55 gallon Plastic Drums to your Winery, please fill them with Grape Marc.
3. Barrel Pickup
Our forwarder's truck will pick up the barrel loaded with Grape Marc. It may require palletizing, depending on the forwarders.
4. Shipping
Our forwarders and international logistics companies will transport your Grape Marc from your location to South Korea safely and quickly.
5. Grape Marc Lab Research
In our Labs we conduct research on your Grape Marc varieties and find the best efficacy and application that fits in different categories of our Products.
6. Reward Gifts
We provide our Cosmetics and Self-care products as rewards so that you can use them as Promotional Gift for your winery customers, wine club members, your workers, and yourself.
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